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BoneTRAP® (TRAcP 5b) ELISA 品牌Immunoassay Systems | IDS

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  • 产品名称:BoneTRAP® (TRAcP 5b) ELISA 品牌Immunoassay Systems | IDS
  • 产品型号:SB-TR201A
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品名:BoneTRAP® (TRAcP 5b) ELISA 货号:SB-TR201A


Code: SB-TR201A

CE Marked

Clinical Area: Bone Metabolism
Type: Manual
Format: EIA
Number of Tests: 96 (40 samples in duplicate)
Sample Type: Serum or EDTA plasma
Sample Volume: 100 μL
Assay Range: 0.5-10.0 U/L

  • Derived exclusively from bone-resorbing osteoclasts
  • Low diurnal variation
  • No dietary influence
  • No accumulation into the circulation in renal or hepatic failure

For the quantitative determination of the active isoform 5b of tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRACP). The BoneTRAP® (TRAcP 5b) ELISA assay is a specific method to detect TRACP 5b activity freshly liberated from osteoclasts. It is intended for use as an indicator of bone resorption and can be used as an aid in monitoring bone resorption changes in post-menopausal women and individuals diagnosed with osteoporosis undergoing anti-resorptive therapies.

In-vitro, TRACP 5b activity reflects the number of osteoclasts and therefore the BoneTRAP®(TRAcP 5b) ELISA Assay can be conveniently used to determine osteoclast number in human osteoclast cultures.

High amounts of tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRACP) are expressed by bone-resorbing osteoclasts and activated macrophages. Two forms of TRACP circulate in human blood, known as TRACP 5a and TRACP 5b. TRACP 5b is derived from osteoclasts and TRACP 5a from macrophages. Osteoclasts secrete TRACP 5b into the blood circulation as an active enzyme that is inactivated and degraded to fragments before it is removed from the circulation. Thus, TRACP 5b activity does not accumulate into the circulation in renal or hepatic failure.

All serum TRACP 5b activity is derived from osteoclasts. Diurnal variability of serum TRACP 5b activity is low and the levels are not affected by feeding, allowing sample collection at any time of day.

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